Notino is the largest beauty-specialist online retailer in Europe. We currently have online stores in most of the European countries, and we plan to expand in many more markets. Our vision is to merge beauty and technology and we aim to become the Top Tech Company. We were awarded by Deloitte as one of the 50 fastest-growing technology companies for three consecutive years. We are a Czech-based company consisting of over 2600 talented people and 350 engineering enthusiasts.


Scrum Master Responsibilities/Activities

  • Encouraging Communication - creating channels and translating Scrum-focused language
  • Protecting the Team - acting as a buffer for disruptive product managers and management
  • Tool Maintenance - experience and handling Scrum tools and framework
  • Reporting - creating and delivering reporting framework for team members and management
  • Meeting Facilitation - sprint planning, daily scrum/standups, retrospectives, refinements
  • Agile Methodology Coaching - 1:1 with Scrum team members, stakeholders, and management
  • Team Support - facilitating communication and resolving disagreements
  • Remove Blockers - work with the team to understand blockers, and work to remove them

Scrum Master Results

  • Independent and effective development team
  • Educated team in SCRUM methodology
  • Sprint goals and stakeholders’ objectives fulfillment
  • Teamwork and satisfaction of development team members
  • Effective communication of team and cross-team collaboration
  • Support SCRUM community ceremonies and other SCRUM processes within the NOTINO IT Teams

Scrum Master Hard Skills

  • Knowledge and application of agile development methodology (SCRUM, Kanban)
  • Knowledge of Product lifecycle and its phases (IS) (includes knowledge and ability to apply essentials of particular phases in practice)
  • Basic knowledge of Project Management (roadmap, milestones, critical paths, cooperation/relations, capacity planning, resource allocation)
  • Orientation in IT: Development principles - Basic knowledge of development tools and procedures, Terminology - Knowledge of IT terminologies, Technology - Knowledge of IT technologies and platforms
  • Knowledge of IT tools: Ticketing systems, Analytical tools
  • Knowledge of product management
  • Knowledge of developer’s professional lifecycle and HR trends


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Notino, s.r.o.