Support for American Customers

Support for American Customers

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  • We are looking for young people who are ready to start their career, are eager to learn new things, want to work in dynamic environment, like working in a team with people from all over the world and who are not afraid to use their brains.


  • What should be your skill set:
  • Awesome English (B2 - C2) - so you could help foreigners.
  • Willingness to work shifts - so you could enjoy your day and work at night once in a while.
  • Common sense - because customers might lack it.
  • Love for people - because everything goes easier with love, even work.


  • We are offering you:
  • Money - good money.
  • Sick-days - because you have right not to feel well sometimes.
  • 5 weeks of vacation - so you have time to travel or just rest and be lazy.
  • Extra training - to become even more awesome.
  • Meal tickets - because the worst person is hungry person.


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